#servefirst {support our volunteer fire departments}

Follow It’s #loveavolunteer week here at FirefighterWife.com!  We love all of our firefighters but this week we focus on those who give without anything in return.  Which is exactly what #servefirst is all about.  Giving without expectation to receive.  Going out and doing random acts of kindness and/or service, just to send good and love […]

A Rare Precious Morning

morning run

Follow Sometimes you get so used to your life being influenced by the fire service that you forget how much of the world is not captive to the demands you are.   I had that repeat epiphany this morning as I savored a humid, slow 4 mile run that started around 6:20 am.   The […]

Spice Up Your Monday! Making Your Wardrobe Fantasies A Reality!


Follow Let’s make Monday something exciting! I feel that it is! Everyday is exciting! We wake up and we are alive! I know how corny that sounds, but corny things are also usually the truest things too, aren’t they? : ) Here are some images that have not yet let my mind. These photos are […]

Girls Weekend Survey

Follow Sometimes I really miss the target. I can under anticipate and over anticipate the response to our programs here for the Fire Wife Sisterhood. and boy did I miss the target for our “Girls Gone Wild” cabin weekend in Tennessee! The goal was this – a simple, no hassle, no agenda getaway weekend in […]

Volunteer Firefighter Family Resource Guide

guide graphic nvfc

Follow Occasionally I’ll hear from people that we don’t post enough relevant to volunteer firefighters on our site. Well first, let me start with this. Firefighters come in all shapes and sizes. Retired, Volunteer, Paid on call, federal, wildland, urban, rural, airport, male, female, moms, dads, gay, straight, officer, probie…. It’s tough to serve all […]

Seeking 100 Fire Wives for an Exclusive Group Study of “The Best Yes”

lysabest yes thru friday

Follow I’m already feeling “nesty” about the back to school season.  It always signifies a good reset and restart for me to finish out the year, hit my goals and really live a life that is full with purpose.   So when I saw the title and description of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book “The Best […]

It’s Cancer. Again.

2014-08-01 15.35.58

Follow Yep.  My husband has another skin cancer spot.  I’ve sensed it for quite awhile as I watched this open wound on his forehead, right where his helmet rides, never really heal.  We’re talking months.  And shame on us  (me for not nagging?  him for not listening?) we didn’t press hard enough to get a […]